Print it! It’s your Legacy.

I admire and recognize beauty in people, beauty in relationships, and beauty in a family’s story. I want to be the one who records that for you. Anyone can pick up a camera. But for me, if you haven’t captured the beauty in that relationship or person, you’ve failed because that image is something that will last a lifetime. It’s something they can turn to in their album or walk past in their hallway and the key is capturing their true self in the warmest of times.

I recently had Tim Priest, a well known West Michigan photographer, in my studio who stated he liked my use of lighting in one of my images on display. It was one of a father and son. Honestly, it gives me a great feeling to see someone look at one of my images and react the way he did to it. It gives me great joy creating pieces you can be proud to display in your own home as well.

I print work because I know we won’t all be together forever. But the print on my wall can be. Not just tucked away on a disk or hard drive, but on my wall to serve as a wonderful memory of those we love.
Print it! It’s your story, your legacy.

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